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How to Prevent Washing Machine Repair

Why Should I Clean My Washing Machine Rubber Seal?

To keep your machine fresh and hygienic, not to mention to stave off unnecessary washing machine repair visits, you should clean your washing machine on a regular basis. The frequency of your cleaning will depend on how often your use the machine, but typically, you should deep clean it once every 1-3 months. When cleaning, remember to clean your appliance’s rubber seals. By doing this on a regular basis, you can prevent the build of bacteria, mold, and bad odors, ensuring hygienic and fresh laundry every time.

How often should I clean my washing machine seal?

As mentioned above, how often you clean your washing machine and its seals will depend on how often you use it. Whilst we do recommend cleaning your appliance every 1-3 months, it is also important to check your appliance for any signs that it needs a clean. For example, unpleasant damp, or musty smells indicate that your washing machine needs cleaning. Also, you should clean your appliance when there are visible signs of dirt or mold on your seals.

What is the best way to clean my washing machine door seal?

To clean your washing machine’s door seal, follow these simple instructions:

First, clean the washing machine drum to remove residue due to dirt, detergent, and bacteria.

  1. Make sure the machine is empty.
  2. Add limescale-remover powder or tablet.
  3. Run the machine on a cotton cycle at a temperature of 70°C or above.
  4. Use the ‘Extra Rinse’ option but not the ‘Prewash’ option.
  5. When the cycle is finished, wipe the interior of the machine with a cloth to remove any excess water.
  6. When possible, leave the door open to air the drum for some time after the cleaning cycle has finished.

If you would like to make an appointment with a reputable washing machine repair service, please contact Washer Repair Specialists at (801) 210-1986 now if you live in the Orem, UT region.

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